SCHOOL & BOARD was professionally developed in cooperation with, and specifically for, the education industry.
Its content and storyline targets administrators and educators within the industry, while still appealing to anyone who enjoys quirky, independent comedies. The episodes have the making for viral success. Advertising space is limited. Make sure your message is part of this viral campaign.

Banner Ad Campaign ***

Optimal exposure means more buyers.
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  • Price: $5000/year
  • Formats: SWF, GIF, JPG
  • Size: 300x300 pixels & 520x75 pixels

1. Featured Advertiser Position

This package offers you the choice of attaching a 10 second ad before or after the episode. This prime spot provides a cost-effective way to promote your company's product or service to a very targeted audience.

We further reinforce that company message with a static button ad above the video and near the title to accompany your pre or post roll.

A successful pre-roll can be full video, Flash animation, or even a simple animated banner. Our creative team will work with you to build something great.

  • Price: $5000/13 weeks
  • Formats: SWF, AVI, MPEG, WMV
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Size: 780x435 pixels
  • Accompanying logo: 140x60

2. Wide Banner Position

Banner ads allow your company to combine text, colors and graphics into a unique sales message for committed buyers.

  • Price: $3500/year
  • Formats: SWF, GIF, JPG
  • Size: 520x75 pixels

3. Premier Block Position

This premier position provides your company with top-exposure and quality traffic.

  • Price: $3500/year
  • Formats: SWF, GIF, JPG
  • Size: 300x300 pixels
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